Day 6 – Cheap RV Campgrounds! Mobil 24 Express In Wasta SD

Well it’s day six of our rving adventure and we found a true cheap rv campgrounds gem here in Wasta, South Dakota. The Mobil 24 Express has eight spaces for rvs and they only charge $5.00/night for electric! Will share the pros, cons and pics in a minute…but let’s tell you about our sixth day heading west to Montana.

The Entrance Where All The Action Is

The Entrance Where All The Action Is


Oh Wall Drug – you were on our mind every .5 miles once more today, with your cute billboard signs telling us if we don’t stop we are complete idiots. However, we’ve been to the tourist town on more than one occasion and had no reason to pull off there today. We left Presho and I had my fingers crossed that our next stop in Wasta, where a few reviews I read said it is cheap, was still in existence. On I-90 in South Dakota, if you mess up, it’s a long drive to the next rv site.

The Campsites - View From Dump Station

The Campsites – View From Dump Station


We didn’t have wind, but we had BIG HILLS. Jim and I are still perplexed, given we have traveled this way before, why in our memories it is flat….but it is anything but! You fly down a big hill, then spend the next 30 minutes going up the next one and feeling the truck’s pain in the pit of your own stomach. Plus I kept silently repeating to myself the line from “The Little Engine That Could.” Not wanting to drive Jim crazy, I just chanted “I think I can, I think I can” during the ascent of every hill. I think I need sleep.

Anyway, not much to tell about today because we popped on Interstate 90 and jumped off at mile marker 98 in Wasta. There it was…the rv campground I’d hoped would still be operating…and it is, kinda! It’s truly a self serve. Everything you need is at the dump station at the entrance. The envelopes to put your five dollars in (cash only…be sure to have it because the gas station is automated, no employee). The potable water to fill up your tank with before choosing your site. Very simple, quick and easy.

Gas Station Entrance View From Dump Station

Gas Station Entrance View From Dump Station


I’ll just lay out the pros and cons of 24 Express, one of the best cheap camping places we’ve found on our journey.


  • It’s five dollars. Honest, a McDonald’s meal isn’t that cheap.
  • It has 30 AND 50 amp service in each site.
  • Except for highway noise, it is absolutely quiet with big fields around you.
  • Right off of the highway and affordable gasoline right there for when you leave in the morning.
  • Big pull in entrance and very long, gravel sites so can house any size rv…promise.
  • Surrounded by rolling hills…aesthetically pleasing and pleasantly surprised.
  • Caretaker of site very friendly. Stopped by to say hello and saw our cat outside on our lap. Warned us of coyotes in the area. Said if we needed anything to ask him. Just a sweet older gentleman.


  • No water or septic on the sites (but everything easily accessed at entrance – potable water clearly marked)
  • No showers or bathrooms, but you can use the gas station bathroom if desired
  • There is nothing here….honestly, there is NOTHING here. Even the gas station doesn’t have an attendant. So give Wall, SD what they plead for and grab a meal there. This rv campground is only 12 miles west of Wall, so you can hop on down the highway after lunch/dinner.
  • This is a frugal rv campsite – you get what you pay for where low cost rv parks are concerned. No, nothing for children here. No entertainment. No pool, etc.
  • We aren’t traveling during heavy tourist season. There are a few billboards advertising $5/night. With only 8 sites, perhaps it is full in summer with overnighters in their rvs. I would recommend pulling in here in the afternoon, putting your feet up and enjoy the bargain. I wouldn’t want to count on availability here at 8pm.
Victory! Our Site

Victory! Our Site


So that’s our story today where cheap rv sites are concerned. We got here really early (2pm, but we crossed into Mountain Time Zone…yeah!!!), so have the tunes going, having an adult beverage, the animals got a good grooming (they are now passed out) and we are just going to relax. Highly recommend you stop here for a night if heading this way. “But there’s nothing to do!” you say? My reply is you’re supposed to be enjoying the simpler life…enjoy setting up the folding chairs outside, gaze at the landscape of the old west, enjoy the serenity and the savings to your budget, too.

Tomorrow’s itinerary is the only “bust” on our trip. The $10 state park in Moorcroft, Wyoming, turns out to only be that price for Wyomingians (I know, not a word). So the next few days will be in pricier rv campgrounds…not terrible, but not cheap (unless we stumble onto little gems that aren’t advertised). Then we have a few days in Billings where the rv rates go through the roof, while visiting family. But we’ve done really well to date on camping costs, so no worries. That’s the idea. Sometimes you can’t find a bargain, so better take the ones you can when they are offered.

If the prairie rattlesnakes don’t get us while we are in Wasta, South Dakota, we will be somewhere in the area of Moorcroft or Gilette Wyoming tomorrow (yes, we cross another state line!)…then Sheridan, WY the next day…then Billings, MT to visit for a bit. Will feel so good to see that sign that reads “WELCOME TO MONTANA!” Can’t wait….


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4 Responses to Day 6 – Cheap RV Campgrounds! Mobil 24 Express In Wasta SD

  1. Rebecca Boskey says:

    I’m enjoying being on the road w/ you two while gradually making my way thru the clutter that is my life. Glad you are staying out of the nastier weather. We’re rootin’ for you back here in Illinois.

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      Hi Rebecca!
      So happy you are following along with us on our travels. Now if we could twist your arms to come to Glacier this summer…..Get through that “clutter” because cashing it in will give you the freedom to see all there is to see out here in this big, beautiful country……hope you join us at a campfire, and soon…at least do a road trip out west!

      Miss you guys………R and J

  2. cozygirl says:

    Nice score for $5 a night! Marked for my map! Hearing those winds are something else crossing those higher plains. There is so much we don’t know about the West…what an adventure it is giong to be!

    I was checking to see if you site was on allstays or freecampsites. I think as a member of freecampsites you earn back credit for reviews.
    Anyway not sure if you knew about these links…maybe something to help on your journey!
    Tally Ho…onward farther West!! ~cozygirl

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      Hey cozygirl!
      Thanks for the freecampsites tip! Will definitely look into that when not rollin, rollin, rollin……….
      Tally Ho……here we go!