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Front Living Room: RV Decorating Ideas

Motorhome remodeling was something we weren’t willing to spend money on…but with a little creative thinking, the ideas we came up with were incredibly affordable. Before going further, we ask you excuse the mess in our “before” photos. We were overwhelmed, had our cleaning supplies everywhere and hadn’t done one thing yet, when the photos were taken. You can still tell what the decor was like…ugh! Not only did it need a huge cleaning and new decorating, but it felt so small as well.     Where to begin? Well, an adult beverage was one heck of a good start. We looked at this rv living room (and the rest of the motorhome) having no idea how to make it feel like home, without having a pile of money to use in the redecorating process. Actually, we had put aside exactly thirteen cents for this project (money found in the … Continue reading


RV Remodeling Ideas: RV Kitchen Cabinets, Dinette, Cushions and More

We love our rv kitchen cabinets, curtains, dinette…basically everything about it! How it transformed from a dirty, drab room to a camper kitchen everyone compliments is, actually, a funny tale. It started at a thrift store. A one dollar “funky” tablecloth, hanging on a rack, turned into the entire theme for that room’s motorhome makeover. Check out these before and after pictures below!                   We are so pleased with our rv redecorating. Now we are going to tell you exactly what we did. CLEANING:┬áThe most boring and mundane, but very important. Start with this part, always, or you will mess up your work cleaning the oven and splattering the goo on your newly painted wall! Take off all dusty, bland window coverings and hardware before you begin. Start from the ceiling on down. Our favorite, cheap rv cleaning supplies are from Dollar … Continue reading

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The Affordable RV Makeover – Inexpensive Camper Remodeling Ideas

When you are frugal rv living, you will recognize quickly that you will get what you pay for, where rvs are concerned. As we’ve said before, you shouldn’t overspend on a motorhome or travel trailer…just make sure the important parts are functioning and sound (appliances, motor, no water damage, good tires and axles). Don’t base your decision on decor that isn’t your taste, or a dull interior that needs a good cleaning. Most likely, when buying an older camper, you will not care for how the inside looks. In fact, as exciting as it is to be purchasing your used rv, you might feel a bit down because it wasn’t what you pictured living in. But we’re here to tell you that your recreational vehicle is going to feel better and more homey than any fancy, new camper on the market. How? Because you are going to create a one-of-a-kind … Continue reading