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Cheap RV Decorating Ideas – NO SEW Bandana Curtains For RVs!

Well folks, I’ve got another one of my cheap rv decorating ideas to share with you – I just made bandana curtains for our camper WITHOUT SEWING! Yeah!!!! I’m not a sewer, but to date every rv we’ve owned (pop up, old travel trailer, newer camper, motorhome, etc.) I’ve made a curtain to the best of my ability, with a sewing machine, while uttering many bad words. Now this tip isn’t for every window in your recreational vehicle (unless they are all tiny), but you might take this idea and come up with more ideas to make it your own to fit larger windows. Here’s how it all started….we have two short and small windows in the kitchen area of our camper. The shades on them were a nightmare, constantly refusing to go up or, even worse, rolling up on their own without warning and making a terrifying sound. We … Continue reading

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RV Decorating VS Mobility – A Constantly Losing Battle

It is hilarious recalling rv decorating when we first started out in 2009. Too afraid to check the weight of the rv, we just dragged the poor camper along…filled with photo albums, pictures and items too embarrassing to admit to. Wanted it to feel like home – didn’t realize it REALLY felt like home…like the WEIGHT of our old home. Yes, we felt it was important that we created ambiance with easy, permanent rv decor – like curtains, throws, painting the inside to suit us…but our DVD collection for display? Every cute trinket carefully placed along the shelving ledges in our bedroom? Yeah, that’s over now. That camper decor is now getting a lot of use under our bed (really looks nice under there now…wow!).   So here it is: the dilemma of rv decorating vs mobility. Sure, if you are going to park your recreational vehicle for a long … Continue reading

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RV Windshield Drapes Using Shower Curtains, Take Two…

A few months ago, we improved a cheap rv decorating tip we’d already discovered for motorhome windshield curtains. To get up to speed and all of the details on how you can pull this off inexpensively, you can read Our First Detailed Article On RV Windshield Curtains. In sum, we took down the icky motorhome drapes when we bought our Bounder and replaced them with shower curtains, which made them super cheap, clean and still gave us complete privacy because you can’t see through them. But we wanted to “upgrade” because we didn’t like the blah color we had chosen as our back drop. Also, as my article stated, we went super cheap and kept the sharp upholstered curtain hooks on the rollers, merely squeezing them in place with pliers. Well this time, given those wheeled curtain carrier hooks are so affordable, we replaced the painfully pointy hooks we’d had … Continue reading

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My All Time Favorite Painting Tips In Our RV Remodel

A month ago I mentioned we were touching up this and that in the rv…and I still have a few posts to share on our rv redecorating. Here is one of the most important ones, because paint was our very best friend when we turned Joey, our Fleetwood Bounder, into the handsome devil he is in the summer of 2011… So here are some of our favorite painting tips we’ve learned: FORGET PAINTER’S TAPE, STEAL A PAINTBRUSH FROM A KID – Oh, I’m just kidding about the stealing part…The photo below shows the exact paintbrush you want to get your hands on. None of the others work correctly, but the beauty in the picture is the one you’ve got to have. It is hard/firm, wide and thin…no fluffiness to it, stray bristles flying here and there…This one brush eliminated the need for taking time to put painters tape everywhere (unfortunately … Continue reading

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Cheap RV Decorating Tips – Those Ugly, Brass RV Cabinet Handles

So last summer, we had a lot of rv renovating to do. Our motorhome, Joey, was quite blah inside…so we gave him an entirely new look, from head to toe? Anyway…one of the things I hated was BRASS HANDLES…dozens and dozens of them everywhere! Ahhhhh! Brass just ain’t my “thing.” However, we had so much to do to make him livable, I didn’t have time to spend weeks on rv cabinet handles alone. So I cheated. I KNEW it wouldn’t hold for years and years via my method, but it worked for me! Really, do you have any idea how many cabinet handles are in a recreational vehicle??!! It is ridiculous!   So we did invest the time (lots of it) required to remove each and every handle. Took forever…but I promise, after you read this post, you will see you only have to do this ONCE in your lifetime!! … Continue reading

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Really Cheap RV Microwave Replacement – No Special Oven Needed!!

At the beginning of summer, our RV microwave oven was killed by an electrician who installed the wrong outlet in our campsite. Giving our poor motorhome, Joey, double the juice he was designed to handle, the microwave (and a few other items) made scary sounds and then faded to black. I just got around to doing this post now, in the fall, because the job wasn’t complete yet. You see, our gigantic oven that fit into a customized rectangular box above the stove was now gone, revealing walls that were never painted during our cheap camper remodel we did back in 2011.   We refused to waste a fortune on OCD issues such as needing the EXACT same size microwave, one that is MADE for rvs, to fit EXACTLY in the rectangle-shaped eyesore now looking at us over coffee each morning. Nope, just had to think outside of the box. … Continue reading


Our Camper Remodeling Ideas – RV Dinette Cushions And More

Ok…time to get organized on our cheap rv blog. Before this site was up and running, I was writing a lot on article sites…sharing tips, telling stories and what not. Not knowing if I could ever pull off a blog all by my lonesome, I started on these sites with a BANG…and a bang it was, because two of my most popular articles that are searched by rvers are NOT ON MY BLOG! Live and learn, live and learn… Anyway, one of our proudest accomplishments was buying this Fleetwood Bounder motorhome, dull, dusty, dingy and drab interior and all, and turning it into an aesthetically pleasing haven for very little money. THAT is what cheap rv living is all about, right? Yeah…problem is, again, that these articles are on other sites, getting tons of traffic daily! So this post is a way to “get organized” – for those who have … Continue reading


RV Decorating Ideas For Valentines Day, Christmas And Other Holidays

RV decorating ideas for holidays, when cheap rv living, need to be small and affordable items – unless you hate holiday decor or are somewhat anti-Valentine and commercialism – then just simply disregard this post! hahaha……….. When we lived in a house and my daughter was young, I used to love decorating the whole house and watching her excitement with every ornament, figurine or other decoration that came out of the boxes. But once it was just Jim and me in the motorhome, that quickly changed. We really aren’t into decorating anymore, but do like a few holiday accents here and there. We love the glow of a strand of Christmas lights so much, it has become a permanent lighting fixture in the rv living room. Anyway, the key is to think small. A perfect Christmas decoration would be the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. As for accent ideas, here are … Continue reading

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RV Renovation Ideas: The Motorhome Bedroom

One of our affordable rv remodeling ideas was to make our bedroom a different color scheme than the other “rooms.” We wanted the floor to be different, too. This turned out to be the most difficult rv project for us, but we did get a new vinyl floor put in our rv for about $10.00…and lots of bad words. Before going further, a reminder that a step-by-step on how we painted the wallpaper, made curtains, etc. can be found in our blog posts about our Living Room and RV Kitchen Redecorating Tips.In general, our flooring, paint and curtains are shades of blue and gray. So on to what we did… PAINTING: We decided not to paint the wood paneling and cabinets in this room at all. We liked the accent of the wood and the one wood panel wall that was in our bedroom (all other walls were wallpapered). The … Continue reading


Our RV Bathroom Remodel – For Just A Few Dollars

An rv bathroom remodel in an older motorhome might sound funny…WHAT bathroom, you might ask, given how tiny they are. But that drab little room, with floor space even our rv cats have trouble fitting in, became a beautiful rv interior to us. Wanted to share the before and after photos with you. Keep in mind, it is a bit tricky to even get a photo of a camper bathroom, unless getting up on the roof and snapping a pic through the vent…ah well, you will get the basic idea! As far as painting the wallpaper and cabinets, you can learn all of our cheap decorating tips on how we actually did it in our main posts about the Living Room and the Kitchen. The basics that we did with painting the bathroom, to give it a little (very little) depth, were to keep some cabinet wood plain, as an … Continue reading

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