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More RV Cooking Tips Via One Pot Meals

Here are two of my husband’s “white trash” (just kidding, dear) one pot recipes we’ve been meaning to post forever…He typed them months and months ago, and there they have sat on my desktop. Even if you aren’t interested in the food itself, his childhood food stories are sure to please. Ok…take it away, Jim… RECIPE 1 – Ham/Potato/Veggie Something Or Other OK, I’ll admit it – my food background is a little bit north of southern white trash. I grew up in a small central Illinois town, which to everyone in Chicago meant downstate. But it was really in the middle of the state, and as such was not quite redneck and not quite not redneck. My mom was a cook in an elementary school, and my folks had a roadside restaurant for a while when I was young. She liked to make a lot of dishes with hot … Continue reading

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The REAL Reason For Cheap RV Living – Moments Like These

We’ve given many reasons for simplifying and taking the plunge into cheap rv living, but after last weekend I thought I’d share and emphasize the MOST IMPORTANT reason to do it – family moments.   Certainly we had “family moments” when living in a house together, but as I recall very clearly we were all too busy to truly take time for one another. Jobs, bills, chores, obligations – yes, we all saw each other daily, but quality time was rare at best. This past weekend we took my daughter and her boyfriend to Chicago. Columbia College was having an open house, and given my daughter is talented musically in addition to painting, photography, acting and writing…she dreams of one day being a part of this outstanding school for those like her, who have a drive and calling to make a living using those talents. We couldn’t be more proud … Continue reading

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Cheap RV Decorating Tips – Those Ugly, Brass RV Cabinet Handles

So last summer, we had a lot of rv renovating to do. Our motorhome, Joey, was quite blah inside…so we gave him an entirely new look, from head to toe? Anyway…one of the things I hated was BRASS HANDLES…dozens and dozens of them everywhere! Ahhhhh! Brass just ain’t my “thing.” However, we had so much to do to make him livable, I didn’t have time to spend weeks on rv cabinet handles alone. So I cheated. I KNEW it wouldn’t hold for years and years via my method, but it worked for me! Really, do you have any idea how many cabinet handles are in a recreational vehicle??!! It is ridiculous!   So we did invest the time (lots of it) required to remove each and every handle. Took forever…but I promise, after you read this post, you will see you only have to do this ONCE in your lifetime!! … Continue reading

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Really Cheap RV Microwave Replacement – No Special Oven Needed!!

At the beginning of summer, our RV microwave oven was killed by an electrician who installed the wrong outlet in our campsite. Giving our poor motorhome, Joey, double the juice he was designed to handle, the microwave (and a few other items) made scary sounds and then faded to black. I just got around to doing this post now, in the fall, because the job wasn’t complete yet. You see, our gigantic oven that fit into a customized rectangular box above the stove was now gone, revealing walls that were never painted during our cheap camper remodel we did back in 2011.   We refused to waste a fortune on OCD issues such as needing the EXACT same size microwave, one that is MADE for rvs, to fit EXACTLY in the rectangle-shaped eyesore now looking at us over coffee each morning. Nope, just had to think outside of the box. … Continue reading


Our RV Repair Work, And More Work, And More….

As we sat in our little paradise in our motorhome in Mahomet, Illinois this summer (sarcasm alert), I knew that before we traveled in the fall we were going to need some work done. I knew this because of several glaringly obvious signs and signals, not because I’m a mechanical genius.   We wanted to get our toilet replaced, because we knew there was a seal problem, and because we wanted a standard height unit instead of the highboy we have. We talked to Chad our repair guy and he recommended an inexpensive model. We also needed to have our transmission looked at, because we were leaking fluid onto the pad. A previous mechanic had told us that it was probably a gasket leak, but of course we couldn’t be sure until someone diagnosed it. And we needed the oil changed since it hadn’t been done since before we left … Continue reading

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We Found Cheap Campgrounds In Central Illinois For RV Camping

Finding cheap rv campgrounds means different things to rvers. For us, there are two types of cheap rving we do – we set up shop for months in one location, and hope to find an affordable place to park our Bounder OR we are in travel mode and are trying to do it as cost effectively as possible. Both scenarios require a lot of planning, research, phone calls and reviewing. We recently left our site in Mahomet, Illinois (a private, wooded 5 acre site we found by advertising our needs on craigslist!) to visit family over Labor Day in Effingham, Illinois. We had to stay at a campground one night to have mobile rv repair done…so “cheap” options were limited, but the next day it was family time.   When we arrived in Effingham, we stayed in our family’s driveway for the weekend. Our destination at the end of the … Continue reading


Top RV Site August 2012 – NuRVers Builds An RVing Community

The message you see when you get to is: “Young Full-time RVers, Doing It Our Way” – and if you investigate the site you’ll find the fortunate disclaimer that “young” can also mean young at heart, which we usually fancy ourselves to be. We stumbled across this site a couple of years ago while looking up RV web sites, but have only recently signed up for a free membership. We were drawn to the premise of a social networking site for full-timers, and were intrigued by the whole hip, cool, new age approach (sorry for showing our age). NuRVers is the perfect site for any uncoventional rvers like us  – gathering those rving who color outside of the lines, not following traditional approaches to “living” in these modern times. The site is creating a community – a place for those living full or part time to get to know … Continue reading

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Our Camper Remodeling Ideas – RV Dinette Cushions And More

Ok…time to get organized on our cheap rv blog. Before this site was up and running, I was writing a lot on article sites…sharing tips, telling stories and what not. Not knowing if I could ever pull off a blog all by my lonesome, I started on these sites with a BANG…and a bang it was, because two of my most popular articles that are searched by rvers are NOT ON MY BLOG! Live and learn, live and learn… Anyway, one of our proudest accomplishments was buying this Fleetwood Bounder motorhome, dull, dusty, dingy and drab interior and all, and turning it into an aesthetically pleasing haven for very little money. THAT is what cheap rv living is all about, right? Yeah…problem is, again, that these articles are on other sites, getting tons of traffic daily! So this post is a way to “get organized” – for those who have … Continue reading


Cicadas, Frogs and Crickets Are In Jim’s Head! RVer Tinnitus Cure?

Last year when we were in Illinois for our first winter, I wrote about the feeling of being exposed. The wind, the rain, the hail and snow, all seem to be very close and can even be threatening at times, out here on the prairie in the RV. And of course the heat and summer thunderstorms are more examples of how this life differs from being in a house – it’s that sense of exposure again, and it’s a big part of our daily experience. There are many positive aspects to this, too – the bright airiness when the weather is clear and sunny and the shades are all open, feeling connected to and not isolated from the outdoors. And speaking of the outdoors, another side of being exposed that we’ve experienced here in the wilds of Illinois is the sounds made by critters. We have seen lots of different … Continue reading

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Cheap RVing Is Healthy In An Unhealthy Society – A GREAT Article Found!

Often, when in “normal” social settings, it seems we spend a lot of time explaining ourselves to others – our cheap rv life, disconnecting from societal norms, etc. But we aren’t alone because even rvers with large bank accounts and deluxe motorhomes can feel they don’t fit in at times – as society tilts the head, giving a quizzical look, wanting to know “why are you doing this? where is all your stuff?” But in our opinions, it is “mainstream” society that should be questioned (and, no…”everybody’s doing it” would not be an acceptable answer). Yes, we unconventional folks are under society’s microscope, but if aliens visited from another planet…who do you think they would consider to be “odd”… Those living simply in the now, with few fancy things but a lifetime of “free time” Those putting off living until 65, buying lots of stuff they don’t use because they … Continue reading

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