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Our Cheap RV Living Tips: Paint Your RV Roof Vent And Covers

We had a successful, frugal experiment yesterday – we painted our rv roof vent cover – so we just had to share our cheap rv living tips with you! Wilbur, our 5th wheel, is a bright and sunny camper – which is quite delightful most of the day. However, in Montana during the summer, the sun sets late at night and rises very early. We needed to do something… So this frugal couple (that would be us) decided a few weeks ago we had to finally address the issue – and we just got around to putting our plan in motion yesterday. Here is the scoop…when we bought Wilbur, he came with three, WHITE roof vent covers by Maxxair installed over the normal camper vents…over our bed, in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Now from the outside, for those who like to be color coordinated, having matching white covers … Continue reading


Our Top 10 List Of Frugal, Easy Tips For RV Camping With Dogs

When we started fulltime rving in 2009, without a clue as to what we were doing, rv camping with dogs was the least of our concerns! We assumed we would figure it out as we went along. Yeah…well four years later, here we are still learning as we go… But we have learned a few things about rving with pets. We have a crazy, domineering, extra large, sassy cat on board who we talk about quite often. In fact, Spot has his own blog and created his own top 10 list! However, though we just have our Hannah (doggie) now, we had two large dogs with us four years ago (our old yellow lab, Clementine, had to be put to sleep in 2011)…so we kinda have some experience in this area! Ok…so here it is…our TOP 10 LIST OF FRUGAL AND EASY TIPS FOR RV CAMPING WITH DOGS TRAVEL WATER … Continue reading

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The Best RV To Live In – Here We Go Again!

So here we are again, deciding on the best rv to live in. We have an eerie similarity to the Goldilocks story – we’ve done the travel trailer, we’ve done the motorhome – now? Well…stay tuned! It isn’t easy parting with your rv – especially when you name him/her and give the camper its own personality. I cried like a baby when the woman who bought “Ward” hooked him up and took him down the highway. Joey, our current Fleetwood Bounder, is our sassy Australian author on many of our posts. But we can’t keep rvs for “cuteness” can we? We have been thinking about the best rvs for living in for months (have changed our minds countless times) and while we currently have alternate shelter visiting family in the suburbs of Chicago, the time is now to try to make this work. For those of you fulltime rvers who … Continue reading


Electric Bills KILL The Full Time RV Budget

Ahhh, the full time rv budget. We love having few bills now and we’ve done a fair job, given the obstacles we’ve faced, of keeping things on the cheap. The loss and hardships that have taken place in the past few years kept us from the ability to go super frugal, like being a camp host, boondocking, etc. because we couldn’t choose our location or commit to being able to stay in one place long. But we found creative ways to live cheaply, even advertised needing a place to park on craigslist, resulting in 5 private, wooded acres to ourself! Yep, not now. “The summer went… Sam Gross Buy This at But even with our hands tied behind our back and being stuck in a very expensive state with few rv parks around (Illinois), we’ve done okay. Then, we didn’t. Enter the joys of the rv parks that charge … Continue reading


Cheap RV Living Tips – How To Get Free DVDs Tip

Here is a tip on how to get free DVDs when livin’ the cheap rv living life. Actually, even if you aren’t rvers, you might like this idea, too! It has nothing to do with downloading, watching online or anything like that. No, it is the prehistoric trend of actually taking a DVD and putting it into a player to watch it! Remember those days? Where you had something tangible you could hold in your hand, with artwork and inserts? Need I say RECORD ALBUMS?!? Ah, that’s a topic for another day (sigh). So let me start by explaining why I even began on this quest of how to get free DVDs. It was quite by accident. You see, even before we became rvers, we weren’t tv folks at all…never watched it. But we did like popcorn and movies, documentaries and the like. Those we would watch in bed on … Continue reading

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Best RV To Live In Full Time – Do We Need More Than One?!

So what is the best rv to live in full time? Welp, when we had a travel trailer, our first rving experience when we walked away from the hamster wheel of life, we would have voted “travel trailer.” Actually, if our first taste of freedom in 2009 had been merely two pair of roller skates and a cardboard box to sleep in, probably would have voted for them, too. We’re still learning each day about what is the best rv for full timers like us. After 20 months living in “Ward” our travel trailer, we decided in summer 2011 to get “Joey,” a large Class A motorhome. They were both quite similar in age, layout and length – just more room in the Class A and some “luxuries” and perks we enjoyed better. Our favorite was the ability to pull in a site, turn off the motor and be done. … Continue reading

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RV Windshield Drapes Using Shower Curtains, Take Two…

A few months ago, we improved a cheap rv decorating tip we’d already discovered for motorhome windshield curtains. To get up to speed and all of the details on how you can pull this off inexpensively, you can read Our First Detailed Article On RV Windshield Curtains. In sum, we took down the icky motorhome drapes when we bought our Bounder and replaced them with shower curtains, which made them super cheap, clean and still gave us complete privacy because you can’t see through them. But we wanted to “upgrade” because we didn’t like the blah color we had chosen as our back drop. Also, as my article stated, we went super cheap and kept the sharp upholstered curtain hooks on the rollers, merely squeezing them in place with pliers. Well this time, given those wheeled curtain carrier hooks are so affordable, we replaced the painfully pointy hooks we’d had … Continue reading

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My All Time Favorite Painting Tips In Our RV Remodel

A month ago I mentioned we were touching up this and that in the rv…and I still have a few posts to share on our rv redecorating. Here is one of the most important ones, because paint was our very best friend when we turned Joey, our Fleetwood Bounder, into the handsome devil he is in the summer of 2011… So here are some of our favorite painting tips we’ve learned: FORGET PAINTER’S TAPE, STEAL A PAINTBRUSH FROM A KID – Oh, I’m just kidding about the stealing part…The photo below shows the exact paintbrush you want to get your hands on. None of the others work correctly, but the beauty in the picture is the one you’ve got to have. It is hard/firm, wide and thin…no fluffiness to it, stray bristles flying here and there…This one brush eliminated the need for taking time to put painters tape everywhere (unfortunately … Continue reading

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RV Living Tips – How To Get Cheap Or Free Dentist Treatment

Taking care of your health on the road can be a challenge, especially when you are living the frugal life. Dental health is sometimes even more of a problem, because it’s easy enough to let it slide and put it off until tomorrow. But I remember when we had dental coverage, and we tended to do the same thing, mostly because it was such a hassle to find a dentist taking new patients, figuring out what the copay was going to be and if you could afford it right now, and then going through with it. Let’s face it, most of us would prefer to avoid the teeth doctors, and with all the complications of dental insurance coverage, it’s no wonder that it’s relatively underused compared to medical insurance. Horse Herbert … Buy This at But as the economic slide in a downhill direction continues and people look for … Continue reading

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RV Boondocking Locations Update – Boondockers Welcome

This is an important update to this boondocking post regarding Boondockers Welcome – Be My Guest RV Parking. The site, which has been growing by leaps and bounds, is an absolute must for those considering the cheap rv lifestyle. The list of members who allow free boondocking stays has exceeded 600. When you look at their map of locations, you can barely make out the continental US because it is covered in site markers. In addition, North America is saturated with sites as well…and even some around the world! You just cannot ignore this opportunity if you plan to experience rv boondocking. It is a membership site, but one year costs less than one night in a campground. If you have a boondocking site to offer, then it is $19.95/year or $44.95/3 years. If you don’t have a boondock location to offer, it is only $24.95/year or $59.95/3 years. The … Continue reading

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