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More RV Cooking Tips Via One Pot Meals

Here are two of my husband’s “white trash” (just kidding, dear) one pot recipes we’ve been meaning to post forever…He typed them months and months ago, and there they have sat on my desktop. Even if you aren’t interested in the food itself, his childhood food stories are sure to please. Ok…take it away, Jim… RECIPE 1 – Ham/Potato/Veggie Something Or Other OK, I’ll admit it – my food background is a little bit north of southern white trash. I grew up in a small central Illinois town, which to everyone in Chicago meant downstate. But it was really in the middle of the state, and as such was not quite redneck and not quite not redneck. My mom was a cook in an elementary school, and my folks had a roadside restaurant for a while when I was young. She liked to make a lot of dishes with hot … Continue reading

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Easy, Delicious Dinner Recipes In The RV – Cajun Skillet

I didn’t know what Cajun food really was until I was over 30 and a new restaurant opened up where I was living. That’s when I discovered the joys of jambalaya, gumbo, po’ boys, and red beans and rice, and I learned that I didn’t like okra. Until then all I knew about Cajun food was from music – Steely Dan made mention of red beans and rice for a quarter, in the French quarter of New Orleans, and of course Hank Williams had talked about crawfish and file gumbo, and I relished the exotic  words not knowing what the food really tasted like. When I finally got to sample good Cajun food, I knew I’d found another favorite cuisine. For some reason, it’s hard to find a good Cajun restaurant so I came up with some of my own recipes. This is an easy one. basic ingredients: smoked or … Continue reading

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An Easy Dinner Recipe For RV Kitchens – Mexican Surprise

One of our favorite types of food is Mexican. I started making a one pot Mexican dish when we first moved into our travel trailer, and we made it a regular on our meal plans. The ingredients are inexpensive, and it really can be made with one pot. Add a salad or coleslaw and you’ve got a great meal for 2, and lots of leftovers. The “surprise” part comes in when you’re making variations on the theme for something different, or using up items that you have on hand. RV Chef Tee Shirts by RVChef Design your own photo t shirts online at Zazzle.   basic ingredients: rice, 1 pound of ground meat, 1 can of beans, grated cheeses, minced garlic, onion, green or other color peppers, small can diced tomatoes optional ingredients: black or green olives, pickled jalapenos, mushrooms, etc. how to make it: While most of the main … Continue reading

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Chicken One Pot Recipes – Our Favorite When Cooking In An RV

Do you remember when you realized that the fancy word “pasta” really meant macaroni and spaghetti and variations on the same? I must have been in my 20s, sorry to say, before I learned that culinary factoid. There was just never any use of the word at home when I was growing up, and I had no exposure to it until I was able to visit an upscale Italian-style restaurant and see it on a menu. Expecting something exotic, I was disappointed to recognize that whatever form it took, pasta was really all the same stuff. Now that we are gluten free given Robin’s wheat allergy, we are of course more serious about what goes into the stuff. There are so many great wheatless pastas out there that you don’t need to go without, and it comes in all the favorite forms – lasagna, penne, mostacolli, linguine, fettuccine, spaghetti and … Continue reading

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RV Tips For Beginners – RV Cooking Tips

Cooking in an RV is not the same as cooking at home. It’s also quite different from camp cooking – of course in good weather and nice temperatures you can use a tabletop gas grill just like camping, but we are talking about indoor cooking here. The way you go about the task of cooking in an RV depends a lot on the size of your stove and kitchen. We have a 3-burner stove in Joey, our motorhome, that is sufficient for our needs, and our previous camper had a 4-burner stove that was very small. We have learned to work with our limitations, and there are a number of them that  can affect how you make meals in an RV. One major limitation is the number and types of cookware you can have in your kitchen. Unlike a house where you can fill up the kitchen storage space and … Continue reading

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