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Meet Our 5th Wheel, Wilbur – RV Swap A Success!

***This is the last post we will put in Joey’s Journal on our rving blog, now that Joey has gone back to Australia. From now on we will post in “Daily Living In Our RV”*** Well we are FINALLY back in business and have our new (old) truck and new (old) 5th wheel…Mr. Ed the 3/4 ton pickup and Wilbur the fifth wheel Jayco camper. We actually retrieved Wilbur a few weeks ago, having to drive 150 miles one way to get him, but in this cheap rv living lifestyle you have to go where the affordable rvs live – which is NOT in the Chicago suburbs, might I add. So we did the rv swap dance – unloaded and cleaned Joey, putting our belongings in the house. Fingers crossed he would sell, which he did. Then shopping for truck first. Got it. Then shopping for the camper. Got it. … Continue reading


Naming Your RV – Why To Avoid Names To Name Your Car, Camper

Well we did it – we sold Joey last week and have decided to put together our reasons to avoid finding names to name your car, rv or whatever in the future! We’ve had so many things going on while our possessions are now boxed in our family’s garage, feeling “homeless,” scouring craigslist for a new home…we will have to save those stories for another post or two or three! Currently we have a truck and that’s it. But let’s get back to Joey, our cute, funny Australian Fleetwood Bounder whose wit has filled this cheap rv living blog. He is gone. A moment of silence please. (moment) He needed a new roof and was just too big of a financial risk for us on our limited, cash only budget. But when his new family came to pick him up, it hurt just like it did when we sold our … Continue reading

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Joey Updates The Blog Again Without A Hell Of A Lot To Say!

G’day, mates. I’m trying to keep a stiff upper bumper but this is getting ridiculous. Last time I talked to you here, I was sitting in the aftermath of winter storm Saturn, wondering how much longer winter would last and which letter we’d get to before we saw the last one. Well, it’s the end of March, and here I sit expecting a dusting of snow on my poor thin roof, and another few cold days and nights using up my ever-dwindling supply of propane to keep the cat warm. And yes, according to the weather channel, we are now about to experience Winter Storm Virgil, in capital letters, no less. So in just a short 2 or 3 weeks, we’ve had 4 blasts of wintery wet stuff, and the evidence is still on the ground. I CAN RELATE TO THIS GUY BELOW – LOOKS LIKE ME, EXCEPT I’M A … Continue reading


Joey Updates The RV Blog From The Burbs

G’day mates – Joey the Bounder here gabbin’ at ya, updating our cheap rv living blog. Just wanted to let you all know that we finally headed north, back to the land of suburbia, shopping malls, restaurants, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, thrift stores, a boozer on every corner (that’s a pub to all you yanks out there)…according to Jim and Robin, that’s a good thing and a bad thing. It’s aces because they would have starved to death these last 2 months out on the prairie without me to take them into the Walmart and Meijer in Champaign, so they will be glad to get back to so-called civilization for a little while. It’s a bloody bad thing because, while they will definitely feel relieved to be able to go to the store for bottled water and decent tucker without starting me up and stowing away all the breakables, that … Continue reading


Joey The Bounder Updates The RV Blog, Mates!

Hello everyone, Joey the Fleetwood Bounder here, looking to have a bit of a chinwag with you all. At the end of the first week of December (summertime down under in the good old homeland of Oz), Jim and Robin and me left the big smoke of Chicago in the upper part of the state, and landed down the road here in the cornfields of central Illinois – in the outback yet again. It seems that Fortuna, that fickle goddess of fate, has a few more surprises up her sleeve before we eventually get back to Montana in May. We enjoyed cooling my wheels in Arlington Heights for a bit, but knew that we couldn’t stay there for the winter, for many reasons that are either too boring or or too painful to go into. After deciding that we needed to start heading south after the post-Thanksgiving cool down up … Continue reading


A Joey RV Post – Our Motorhome Ponders The End Of The World

Hello out there…it’s Joey, the Fleetwood Bounder here. It’s been a few weeks since I let you in on what’s really happening in the world. Alright, at least in my little corner of the world. And I’ll admit that right now my view is rather limited, but I see and hear more than you would think possible for an old outback geezer like me. Sitting here blocking the concrete footpath (I see a lot of dogs and people go by) in a suburban driveway in an ordinary neighborhood of northwest Chicago, Illinois is not very exciting, nothing like the mountains of Montana or New Zealand, or the Atlantic and Pacific shores. But I like to observe and learn wherever I am, and to know what’s going on. Right now, for example, I know that there are quite a few folks around here who are expecting something big soon – the … Continue reading

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Joey Update For September 2012 – A Hectic RV Living Month

***Before I let Joey get started, I want to interject that I was gone for 10 days (by train) visiting my dad and his wife Pat “off the grid” in their cabin outside of Glacier National Park. Will be posting on the trip soon, with pictures! Had a great time but not much computer time…will be up and running again soon!*** G’day mates – Joey here with some news for all of you Yanks. As you know, I’m really not prone to yabber – I only speak up once in a while when there’s something to say. Well, we’ve gone on a true walkabout this last week, so I thought I should fill you in on our adventures in Woop Woop. That’s what we call any small town down under, and we have seen quite a few here on the prairies of Central Illinois. Our trip was a little roundabout, … Continue reading

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A New RV Blog Post From Joey, Our Fleetwood Bounder

G’day, mates – Joey here. It’s been a while since my last good earbashing with you, but there’s really only one story I have to tell – it’s about the heat. Here in the great prairies of Illinois it’s been a corker of a couple of weeks, and I hear that it’s all the same all over America. Over a week of 100 degree temps during the day with no rain at all, and at night it doesn’t cool off enough to do without the air conditioning – and I have 2 of them, you know. As well-equipped as I am, there’s a limit to what I can do for my owners, the dingo and the cat. Not to big-note myself, but I have been doing my best under the circumstances.   One of the things we do here to keep cool is to reminisce about the good old days … Continue reading

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RV Life, Wildlife That Is – From Joey, Our Motorhome

Mates! It is Joey the motorhome again. I know it was just a short while ago that I was yabbering about our new temporary home here in the bush in Mahomet, Illinois. I told you that we were in the middle of the woods, and that there seemed to be a lot of bities (you know, bugs that’ll bite ya) about. What I didn’t know, and I and my owners have just found out, is that we are in an area that apparently has more wildlife than you can shake a didgeridoo at – maybe even more than Australia, if you’re counting species. Now, I’m used to ‘roos, wombats, dingos, and koala bears, among other animals that live in the outback, but I never thought I would be here in the heartland of America and see such things as I’ve seen. There is a red fox and two babies that … Continue reading

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Moving Down The Road – Fulltime RVing And On The Move…A Few Miles

G’day mates – I am sitting in the middle of the central Illinois woods, and I feel all alone. But my owners evidently like it that way, ’cause there’s not another RV in sight, and they cherish the solitude. It feels like a tropical rain forest here, so I kind of feel at home. It’s lush and green, and the birds sing all day while I fight off the multitudes of bugs that seem to live here. I have baby powder on my tires to keep away the ants, and there’s a wasp trap right behind me. I’ve been giving the Aussie salute to all the flies too. But I’ll admit that the silence is refreshing, and I don’t have to worry about a giant motorhome creeping up beside me in the night. For better or worse, it’s just us here. And it’s been a trip to get here, let … Continue reading

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