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We Found Utopia – The Perfect, FREE RV Site In Trego, Montana

Well…we are happy to report we found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, after rving a total of 2,031 miles! We just never thought the puzzle pieces would come into place once we got home, but we are so happy that they did. So let’s catch up on where we last left off…our last day, departing Shelby, Montana and heading home to Trego, MT. The drive from Shelby to Trego is just amazing – and we’ve done this route many, many times when we lived in Montana full time in a house. You see the eastern border of Glacier Park in the distance…then it gets closer and you’re skirting the southern border of Glacier National Park for hours along Highway 2.   The air smells like something you wish you could bottle (no, “pine” air fresheners don’t cut it)…and the air is so crisp and clean…you … Continue reading


Great RV Site: Lake Shel-oole Campground, City Of Shelby MT

Well we made it to a great rv site at Lake Shel-oole Campground in the city of Shelby, MT. This is our first time camping here and we can tell we are almost home (will be tomorrow). Have almost the entire park to ourselves, it is overcast and cool, wind is blowing and is rocking me to sleep as I type…so if the words in this post suddenly stop, you’ll know I’m napping.   We left Stanford, Montana this morning and continued on down the road to Great Falls. Then hopped on I-15 and took it straight to Shelby. One note those traveling this path should know…the hills get steeper. Not scary grades, but very slow driving today and hard on the truck, for sure. It just never ended. Even on Interstate 15 you would climb, plateau, climb again. About 7 miles south of Shelby there is actually one 7% … Continue reading

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Best RV Route Highway 3 Billings MT To Glacier National Park

We’re on the road again and are pleased to report we love the rv route on Hwy 3 from Billings MT to Glacier National Park so far! We are making our way to Glacier, slowly but surely, and had a great trip today. Today’s rving tips and tales are to help you find answers you want to know when traveling this way…because we couldn’t find our answers no matter how hard we tried, so we just took a chance and went with our gut. When you are leaving Billings, Montana you have a few options. The problem for us is that we only had 50 miles under our belts since our big breakdown and repair in Hardin, MT. So our confidence was down, to say the least. When something like that happens, it takes some distance to start feeling comfortable like you did up to that point. We really wanted … Continue reading


Our 4-H Club: HUB, HUMOR, HELL And City Of HARDIN MT

Well greetings to all who are keeping up on our cheap rv living blog – have we got a post for you! An unexpected stop in the City of Hardin, MT. We just knew things were going a bit too smoothly for us…something we aren’t quite used to experiencing. I’ve titled this post our 4-H Club and will lay it out in that amusing format for your entertainment. Will say the good news is that we crossed the Montana state line (yeah!). That’s it…that’s all the good news I’ve got. Buckle up…here we go!!!!!!! HUB Well it just goes to show you that you can’t plan for everything…how boring life would be, eh? After our past experiences, we thought we were prepared as could be with new tires, bearings, brakes…all of the important stuff were tip-top shape on both truck and 5th wheel. On Wednesday, June 5th, we were due … Continue reading


Heading To Glacier Park – On The Amtrak Empire Builder? Yep!

As most of our readers know, it has been a really challenging – REALLY challenging – year for us. Besides losing my beautiful mom unexpectedly at only 66, and our 6 year old cat dying unexpectedly months after, all at the beginning of 2012, as if that wasn’t enough, I had to find strength to battle a narcissist I left fifteen years ago, while trying to juggle my daughter into adulthood single-handedly (with Jim, of course). Yes, all of it at the same time with what felt like my hands tied behind my back. To make it work, to do it all, we had to uproot ourselves from the soothing serenity of Glacier Park (another planet compared to the rest of the world) and stay planted in Illinois.   It was all becoming too much – so my daughter (in Illinois) and my dad and his wife, Pat (they live … Continue reading

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The North Fork Of The Flathead River In Montana

Stretching from Columbia Falls to the Canadian border is a 50-mile long piece of road that is known throughout the area as the North Fork road, and the country it meanders through is appropriately named the North Fork. It is named after the North Fork of the Flathead River, which is the western boundary of Glacier National Park, and runs along this primitive road. The North Fork is well-known for the scenery, the wildlife, the recreational activities, and the remoteness. It is common for those living up there to see a grizzly bear, moose, elk or wolf pass through their “yards.” There are a surprising number of hardy souls who live here fulltime (including Robin’s dad and his wife), battling snow and cold in the winter to get to town (Columbia Falls) once a week. People here are considered to be living off the grid. There are no phones, no … Continue reading

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Red Meadow Lake And Campground In Northwest Montana

At an elevation of 5,500 feet, Red Meadow Lake Campground is a primitive site on the shores of a small mountain lake. It can be accessed from the east on the rugged and primitive North Fork road on the west side of Glacier National Park or from Highway 93 to the west. No matter which way you go, you want a minimum of 6-ply tires, an early start and no rv or camper in tow. It is perfect for tent camping or a truck camper, but the roads are steep, narrow, rocky and not suitable for rving. Red Meadow Lake has a few campsites that basically sit on the edge of the lake, a vault toilet, a few picnic tables, and unparalleled beauty. There is no water available, so you need to pack it in. Nestled between the Rockies to the east and the Whitefish range to the west, Red … Continue reading

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Kintla Lake Campground In Glacier National Park, Montana

We love going to Kintla Lake Campground in Glacier National Park, Montana. Just for a day drive, you feel like you’ve found paradise. It isn’t accessed through the main park entrance, however, and it isn’t suitable for rvs – a small pull camper or truck camper is all you’d want to take back there, because the road is narrow and rough (plus, the park entrance wouldn’t allow you to go through anyway and there aren’t large turnarounds, so don’t try!) If you take the North Fork road out of Columbia Falls and start driving, you’ll eventually get to the tiny community of Polebridge, Montana after miles and miles of dusty, bumpy gravel road. There you can cross the North Fork River into Glacier National Park at the northernmost entrance. Upon entering, you can take a right to Bowman Lake, or turn left to Kintla Lake. Both are beautiful and the … Continue reading