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A Peeping Tom? Yep, You Meet Some Wild Turkeys In Montana

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you through your rv window? Well we had that feeling…and it turned out to be… A PEEPING TOM!! Notice our window thermometer in the bottom, right corner of the photo above…yes, I was at the kitchen table, on the inside of the 5th wheel – and Mr. Freaky Wild Montana Turkey was staring right at me. Now, let’s go back in time that day, just a little bit. Why did I find the turkey a bit “off” and intimidating? Does it seem odd I would fear the wild turkey? Well, the morning started off like any other morning. Hannah (rv dog) was outside, enjoying the fresh air. Then an unruly gang of six wild Montana turkeys showed up. We were inside having coffee, but her barking told us that there was something very, VERY important outside that must be addressed (usually a … Continue reading

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What Eureka, Montana “The Bull Thing” Pics WOULD Look Like

So we just couldn’t resist when we were invited to join friends at “The Bull Thing” in Eureka, MT this summer. Sitting outside under a beautiful Montana sky, socializing with friends, watching this rodeo event that draws crowds from all over the northwest…sounded perfect! It also sounded like a great opportunity to take pictures and share them with you. Except for one thing – it is hard to take photos when your eyes are closed. The ones below I took before the event began – when all was calm… Yes, you heard me correctly…I have this problem when it comes to suspense/thrills/chills, I close my eyes. Oh, I tried, mind you. As the cowboy was getting ready for the gate to open, sitting on top of a maniacal slab of prime beef that would not only violently whip him around, he’d come after him after he fell off, I had … Continue reading


Why People In Montana Have PATIENCE

Hi rvers! Today’s topic is Montana and patience, but in a funny way. Speaking of being patient, haven’t posted in quite a bit because…well…we’re busy, enjoying summer which is going by much too quickly, planning our fall rv trip and much more. Next week we are off to the North Fork for four days, after we play a gig at Point of Rocks this Sunday for 4 HOURS (ouch!). I am, as promised, going to get some pics and posts up in September on those primitive campgrounds I mentioned…but ya gotta be PATIENT, ok? (See how I threw that in? Oh the wit…). Anyway, today we will discuss cows, patience and Montana – all rolled into one for the purpose of this post. Let’s start with some photos, shall we? The road you see below is OUR DRIVEWAY to the main road…it’s all we’ve got. You will see the problem … Continue reading


Visiting The North Fork In Montana – Polebridge, Kintla Lake

I never take for granted how fortunate I am that my dad and his wife Pat live in the North Fork of Montana, off the grid. No phones, electricity from a generator, water from a well – and a view off the porch of the western boundary of Glacier National Park. I WROTE ON THIS BLOG A FEW YEARS AGO ABOUT THE NORTH FORK, WITH LOTS OF PHOTOS, WHICH YOU CAN SEE HERE While my daughter was visiting, we went up to the cabin to visit for 4 days…having a wonderful time, as always.   We drove my favorite rugged trail over the mountains, Trail Creek, never seeing one car during the trek (this is good, because it is a narrow and rocky road on steep cliffs!). Hannah and Spot were in the pickup truck, too – and Spot drove us all nuts with his meowing, letting us know he … Continue reading

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Daughter Visits: Thanks Amtrak Empire Builder For Date Night!

Dear Amtrak, we want to thank you and the Empire Builder for your usual tardiness, which resulted in our having an actual date night on July 18th, seeing a fantastic live band called Big Daddy Love perform at The Craggy Range in Whitefish, MT. You see, my daughter departed Chicago on July 17 and was riding the train solo for the first time. Having lived in Montana for eight years in her youth, she knew the train was often late – but none of us expected it to be THIS LATE. Yes, I kept in close contact with “Julie” – your virtual employee – watching online as well as the arrival time kept getting pushed back further and further…and that was on day one. She had a 32 hour train ride ahead of her and by the time 1/3 of the travel was behind her, she was hours late. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Our RV Blog Review Of Rexford Bench Campground Montana

If you look for campgrounds that are affordable, yet not too hard on the rv, you will love Rexford Bench Campground. Montana has some of the most gorgeous parks in the national forest, and this is just one of those. I’m going to show you it through pictures and more details then you will likely find on the MT camping sites. If you’re like us, you really want a feel for a place before you make the trek to your campsite…so hope this helps! The campground is in Rexford, MT. If driving on 37, you’d almost miss the turn off for the TOWN, let alone the campground…you can’t see the town from the highway at all. But when you make that right turn, you will turn right again rather quickly to head into this beautiful camping area. Let me start by saying that though this site is very recreational vehicle … Continue reading

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One Less Karen Performs At Motorcycle Rally In Fortine, MT??

Well folks, it was time to get back on the horse musically – so yesterday One Less Karen (that’s us) performed at the first gig we were offered…at the 1st annual motorcycle rally at Jerry’s Saloon in Fortine, MT. Yep. We did. Not fricking kidding. The following is our tale of yesterday’s experience. Let me start by exclaiming that, contrary to popular belief, sometimes alcohol is INDEED your friend. Don’t believe me? Yeah…well try performing original tunes at a motorcycle rally and get back to me on that, ok?   Let’s begin at the beginning…this is an rving blog after all, right? Believe it or not, Jerry’s Saloon has about a dozen rv sites available with full hookups but no bath house ($300/month including electric in summer, if interested) – and it is a gorgeous area. We aren’t camping there, of course, because we have a great private site in … Continue reading


Why I Love Kalispell Montana Weather In The Summer

I forgot just how much I love Kalispell, Montana weather in the summer. RVing fulltime in MT isn’t just perfect for the beauty it offers, it has the best climate, too. I think of last summer, when we were baking in record heat in Mahomet, Illinois – while unable to breathe in the humidity and nightly “low” temps in the 80s. Ahhhh! These rvers and their pets were all going postal, if you recall from our blog a year ago. I mention Kalispell because when most think of NW Montana, they think of the “big city” of Kalispell, in addition to Glacier National Park. Weather in our neck of the woods, no matter what town you are in, is pretty much identical – perfect… So what makes it perfect? I will give you a visual…. THIS IS ME, BY DAY THIS IS ME, BY NIGHT Yes, during the summer days, … Continue reading


Having A Picnic At North Dickey Lake Campground

Just popping in to say hello and share our picnic day at North Dickey Lake Campground in Trego, MT. We’ve been enjoying being at our private rv site so much, it was hard to get going! However, my dad was coming down from the mountains to spend the day and night with us, so this was the perfect meeting spot. The turn to the camping area is just north of mile marker 163 on Hwy 93. When coming from the south, you hang a left and will see the camp entrance about 1/4 mile down, on your left. We got some good laughs when my dad arrived, because I said more than once “when you see the fork in the road and the sign that says camping to the right and beach to the left…go to the beach.” Yeah, well THAT didn’t happen. So dad apparently was enjoying his drive … Continue reading


Now THIS Is How To RV Full Time – Our First Few Weeks

So we are finally remembering that THIS is how to rv full time! Ok, it was kinda like riding a bicycle after we finally settled in – a little wobbly and not sure how to sit still. But now we’re getting it. We’re excited about some plans for this rv blog in the near future, too. We want to share this gorgeous area with you, so plan to do some picture taking and showing you cool, hidden primitive campsites, back roads and some other things. Hope you’ll like it!   So permanent rv living for the summer in this beautiful site in Trego, Montana, has been such a pleasure so far. Of course, soon after we settled in we got the record heat. It was a bit of a disappointment only because, for those of you who read our blog last year at this time, we were trapped inside our … Continue reading