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One Less Karen Performs At Motorcycle Rally In Fortine, MT??

Well folks, it was time to get back on the horse musically – so yesterday One Less Karen (that’s us) performed at the first gig we were offered…at the 1st annual motorcycle rally at Jerry’s Saloon in Fortine, MT. Yep. We did. Not fricking kidding. The following is our tale of yesterday’s experience. Let me start by exclaiming that, contrary to popular belief, sometimes alcohol is INDEED your friend. Don’t believe me? Yeah…well try performing original tunes at a motorcycle rally and get back to me on that, ok?   Let’s begin at the beginning…this is an rving blog after all, right? Believe it or not, Jerry’s Saloon has about a dozen rv sites available with full hookups but no bath house ($300/month including electric in summer, if interested) – and it is a gorgeous area. We aren’t camping there, of course, because we have a great private site in … Continue reading


Our RV Site Of The Month January 2013 – Camp Host Positions

We have to thank Jim’s brother and sister-in-law for this great camp host positions (and more) site. Though we are months behind in our site of the month post (sorry, life happens) we bring to you today the beauty of discovering, when searching for camp hosting jobs. If you are looking to be a campground host in the United States, you will love this site. It is so easy to search. Though there are advanced search options, we just pull the drop down menu to the state we are interested in, then use the “opportunity type” drop down menu and set it for campground hosts. To our surprise, very detailed opportunities appear, with everything you need to know. You can quickly search for the city/location of interest, see what amenities they will provide (some give free lodging on an rv pad PLUS pay), check the dates to make sure … Continue reading

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RV Life – Could You Learn How To Live Without Internet

We recently heard about an interesting project that a young writer has taken on. Paul Miller, a technology writer for the online magazine Verge, began a life without the Internet on May 1, 2012. You can read about Paul’s project and his ongoing progress HERE. He describes various reasons for trying this Internet-free life, but I’m cynically sure that one is that  he will be able to write a book about his experiences and profit from it, and he continues to be paid as a writer for the magazine – which he still is, even without connections. He hopes to learn what it is like to be without something that, as a young person, he has grown up with and grown attached to in so many ways. So far he believes that the change has been a positive one, but only 3 months have passed. We’ll see how he does. … Continue reading


Our Best RV Sites Pick For July 2012 – Technomadia!

Technomadia is the web home of Cherie and Chris, two full-time RVers who have a tremendously impressive site. They have been on the road together since 2006 and have been adding to their site as their technomadic lives continue. They started off in a small camper that they had specially designed and built so they could travel lightly, pulling it with a small SUV, and make a living doing what they loved – technology. You see, Chris and Cherie are two of those rare people that you realize the world needs more of – talented, smart, kind, funny, and spirited.   After deciding that they needed more space, they are currently living in a converted GM bus, and just passed the 1-year anniversary of the acquisition of their new home on wheels. Looks like they have a lot more room now, with beautiful photos to prove it, and it’s fun … Continue reading

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More Work For RVers Online – Blogging, Adsense and Affiliate Income

We’ve posted about many strategies for making money while rving, but there is another job idea we would like to share – blogging. It took time to learn the basics we will share in this post. THIS IS A LONG POST, BUT IT CONDENSES EVERYTHING WE’VE EVER LEARNED, TO GET YOU STARTED QUICKLY. Further on in this post, we’ve created a step-by-step on exactly how and where to sign up and get started. Writing online also has very delayed gratification, where income is concerned..but if you love to write and enjoy working online, you will be happy with the long-term results. You need to approach blogging (and other writing platforms that generate income for you) as a construction worker building a skyscraper would do. You don’t get discouraged that there is only a foundation built, with the end nowhere in sight…you work at it every day, knowing one day it … Continue reading

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Making Money On The Road And Online – Getting Paid For Your Talents And Time

If you have skills or talents, you can make some extra income while rving. In fact, if you aren’t too shy about marketing yourself, you could make a living! We’ve never got our act together enough (no pun intended) to make the “big time” as musicians, but for 14 years we’ve been the dynamic duo One Less Karen, performing our own, original songs at festivals and coffee shops. Getting paid for doing what you love is a great feeling! If you have musical talents, you can either travel a path from gig to gig (be sure it pays more than the gas money to get there) or stay in one place and play every venue you can find. When cheap rv living, a free dinner, $50 guarantee and tip jar proceeds are worth a fortune! If you have work/trade skills, advertise your ability to repair vehicles, small engines, plumbing, painting, lawn … Continue reading

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Jobs For RVers – How To Actually Pull This Off

When you are thinking about cheap rving, fantasizing about your new life on the road, does it come to a screeching halt when you start to think about how to PAY for this new rv lifestyle? Yep…that little inconvenient point does keep bursting the bubble, doesn’t it? If you don’t think of it on your own, some co-worker will most likely “gently” remind you of that fact, with a little “you’re never gonna pull this off” look in his/her eye. Don’t despair…fear that two weeks into your journey you wlll be broke, stranded in Kansas somewhere, calling your boss and begging for your old job back while telling the family “you were right, I am losing my mind” is actually…well…normal. This post is just an introduction to the concept of work for rvers – more will follow in the future. For now you simply need to open your mind and … Continue reading

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A Fun RV Job – Sell On Ebay and Amazon

Though, admittedly, selling on Ebay and Amazon has a learning curve, their forums and tutorials will get you going in no time! We have been selling online for nearly five years, and have had a lot of fun. At first, we didn’t have an actual niche – we looked into hot toys on clearance, just odd and end items like that. Eventually, we settled into media (books and DVDs) and have been doing it ever since. The first thing you must keep in mind is that what you could sell when you lived in a home, and the volume you could buy…well…those days are over! You have limited space and need to keep that in mind before purchasing any inventory. Though you may think books are heavy (and they are), we’ve found a few items that go out about as quickly as they come in…so there is never a huge … Continue reading