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Now THIS Is How To RV Full Time – Our First Few Weeks

So we are finally remembering that THIS is how to rv full time! Ok, it was kinda like riding a bicycle after we finally settled in – a little wobbly and not sure how to sit still. But now we’re getting it. We’re excited about some plans for this rv blog in the near future, too. We want to share this gorgeous area with you, so plan to do some picture taking and showing you cool, hidden primitive campsites, back roads and some other things. Hope you’ll like it!   So permanent rv living for the summer in this beautiful site in Trego, Montana, has been such a pleasure so far. Of course, soon after we settled in we got the record heat. It was a bit of a disappointment only because, for those of you who read our blog last year at this time, we were trapped inside our … Continue reading


RV Life – Could You Learn How To Live Without Internet

We recently heard about an interesting project that a young writer has taken on. Paul Miller, a technology writer for the online magazine Verge, began a life without the Internet on May 1, 2012. You can read about Paul’s project and his ongoing progress HERE. He describes various reasons for trying this Internet-free life, but I’m cynically sure that one is that  he will be able to write a book about his experiences and profit from it, and he continues to be paid as a writer for the magazine – which he still is, even without connections. He hopes to learn what it is like to be without something that, as a young person, he has grown up with and grown attached to in so many ways. So far he believes that the change has been a positive one, but only 3 months have passed. We’ll see how he does. … Continue reading


Our Old RV Internet Pal, The Verizon Mifi 2200 – Not The 4G LTE!

Honestly, I kid you not…our Verizon MiFi 2200 3G story was as challenging as driving the motorhome with the windshield drapes closed…believe me, we’ve tried it (just kidding, just kidding – Robin, the Jokester…that’s me). So rv internet on the road? This is the one expense that has always been a must for us, providing communication, income working online and a place for our cat to lie on, when the laptop is closed and lying on the bed. Very important stuff……… So here is the scoop. Back in 2009, we tried tethering our cell phone instead of using a mobile hotspot. It was a nuisance and we just didn’t like it. Plus, if we lost our phone, we lost internet as well. So we made the switch early on to a 3G device, the 2200 mifi. DISCLAIMER: For those of you who know nothing about wireless internet, nor do you … Continue reading

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