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Udi’s Coupons For Gluten Free Living In An RV

Our entire family has been living gluten free for a very long time, but Udi’s coupons have made it more affordable. Whether you have celiac disease like my daughter has had since she was two, are allergic to wheat (like me) or have chosen to avoid wheat for the numerous health benefits, you know that replacing wheat and gluten comes at great cost. When my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1996, there was no substitute available that you could stomach without gagging. It was an awful time and I tried desperately to learn how to provide her with bread alternatives that often were the equivalent of cardboard. As time went on, Atkins took off and wheat allergies became more recognized as the reason so many suffer with gastrointestinal distress, food manufacturers and restaurants got on board and began offering gluten free products that actually tasted like real food. … Continue reading

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How Do We Define Prudent? Printable Coupons!

If you look to define prudent, you will be full of common sense, careful, practical and manage your future with care. You need to be prudent when living the cheap rv lifestyle, meaning the days of grabbing for credit cards, overspending and mismanaging your finances are over. Aside from being more responsible, you need to stop overlooking ways to save money. Enter printable coupons into the picture…. Remember the days when you needed an oil change and you’d just pull into a quick lube on your way home? Who cares if another oil change business in your town charges ten dollars less on a daily basis, you’ve got a credit card! However, if you only had 37 dollars in your wallet, would you have pulled in there without making a few quick phone calls to compare prices? Absolutely not! MEMO TO SELF: YOU NEED TO LIVE LIKE THIS EVERY DAY … Continue reading

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