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Our RV Blog Review Of Rexford Bench Campground Montana

If you look for campgrounds that are affordable, yet not too hard on the rv, you will love Rexford Bench Campground. Montana has some of the most gorgeous parks in the national forest, and this is just one of those. I’m going to show you it through pictures and more details then you will likely find on the MT camping sites. If you’re like us, you really want a feel for a place before you make the trek to your campsite…so hope this helps! The campground is in Rexford, MT. If driving on 37, you’d almost miss the turn off for the TOWN, let alone the campground…you can’t see the town from the highway at all. But when you make that right turn, you will turn right again rather quickly to head into this beautiful camping area. Let me start by saying that though this site is very recreational vehicle … Continue reading

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Great RV Site: Lake Shel-oole Campground, City Of Shelby MT

Well we made it to a great rv site at Lake Shel-oole Campground in the city of Shelby, MT. This is our first time camping here and we can tell we are almost home (will be tomorrow). Have almost the entire park to ourselves, it is overcast and cool, wind is blowing and is rocking me to sleep as I type…so if the words in this post suddenly stop, you’ll know I’m napping.   We left Stanford, Montana this morning and continued on down the road to Great Falls. Then hopped on I-15 and took it straight to Shelby. One note those traveling this path should know…the hills get steeper. Not scary grades, but very slow driving today and hard on the truck, for sure. It just never ended. Even on Interstate 15 you would climb, plateau, climb again. About 7 miles south of Shelby there is actually one 7% … Continue reading

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Best RV Route Highway 3 Billings MT To Glacier National Park

We’re on the road again and are pleased to report we love the rv route on Hwy 3 from Billings MT to Glacier National Park so far! We are making our way to Glacier, slowly but surely, and had a great trip today. Today’s rving tips and tales are to help you find answers you want to know when traveling this way…because we couldn’t find our answers no matter how hard we tried, so we just took a chance and went with our gut. When you are leaving Billings, Montana you have a few options. The problem for us is that we only had 50 miles under our belts since our big breakdown and repair in Hardin, MT. So our confidence was down, to say the least. When something like that happens, it takes some distance to start feeling comfortable like you did up to that point. We really wanted … Continue reading


Days 7/8 – NOT Cheap RV Campgrounds But We Don’t Give A Damn

Well, without further ado, here is our cheap rv living blog update for days seven and eight, as we continue our trek west…have you missed us? Today marks day 8 since we left Rantoul, Illinois – but given I was too damn tired and lazy to even look at the computer last night, you get two days for the price of one! Speaking of PRICE, I’m so glad I did the research on cheap rving sites to date, because once you get into the tourist utopias of the “Badlands” and “Yellowstone” – well, goodbye frugality. Cha-ching…that’s the sound of everyone making money on your desire to explore the west. It is too funny……..every state has “the gateway to Yellowstone.” Gateway? It’s hundreds of miles away!! We got some laughs on those signs in the past few days. Yeah…turn off here…you’ll get there in a few days. But I digress…… DAY … Continue reading


Day 6 – Cheap RV Campgrounds! Mobil 24 Express In Wasta SD

Well it’s day six of our rving adventure and we found a true cheap rv campgrounds gem here in Wasta, South Dakota. The Mobil 24 Express has eight spaces for rvs and they only charge $5.00/night for electric! Will share the pros, cons and pics in a minute…but let’s tell you about our sixth day heading west to Montana.   Oh Wall Drug – you were on our mind every .5 miles once more today, with your cute billboard signs telling us if we don’t stop we are complete idiots. However, we’ve been to the tourist town on more than one occasion and had no reason to pull off there today. We left Presho and I had my fingers crossed that our next stop in Wasta, where a few reviews I read said it is cheap, was still in existence. On I-90 in South Dakota, if you mess up, it’s … Continue reading


Day 5 – New Frontier Campground – Presho South Dakota I 90

Many people looking for rv parks in SD are traveling the long stretch on South Dakota I-90. Aside from 200 miles of billboards pleading with you to stop in Wall, SD, there isn’t much else before then! These are the stretches of highway, as most rvers know, where you just hope the rv gods keep the camper running. It would take hours waiting for a tow truck and there is nothing except Wall billboard signs for shade.   So let’s recap day five of our journey. We left Marion, South Dakota, heading to do some errands in Mitchell, SD. This was our first day of not having a planned stop for the night in an rv park. We called places for a 50 mile stretch only to find they hover around $30 no matter where you go. Ok…we’ve had some cheap rv sites to camp in so far…so we don’t … Continue reading

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Days 3, 4: FREE CAMPING SOUTH DAKOTA! Yes, Free RV Sites…

Well miracles do happen, because we found free camping in South Dakota! Oh, I had it on our itinerary but a lot was at stake. We had to take the plunge, trust in my intuition and research, and risk the 28 miles west off of Interstate 29 to see if it was for real. Yep, it was! A little town called Marion, South Dakota, added rv sites to their city park (Hieb Memorial Park). It includes electric! You can stay 7 days for free or pay $150 month if camping longer. So let’s catch ya up to date…Oh Iowa…how it pained us to say goodbye to your rolling hills…NOT! When we left Anita, Iowa, we headed west on I-80 (then on to 680), then we hit I-29 and headed straight north. Almost instantaneously we hit flat land. Know what else happened? At our next fill up at the gas station, … Continue reading


Day 2: RV Camping At Anita State Park Iowa

Well yahoo, we’ve made it through day two and are nestled in an awesome site at Anita State Park, Iowa. First let’s tell ya about our second day on the road. I don’t know WHAT is wrong with me…I’ve driven through Iowa countless times, but I ALWAYS think it is flat. Let me tell you rving folks, it ain’t flat. It is rolling hills, up and down. You know the drill – you go 65 mph downhill and 6.5 mph uphill…all day long.   Then there was a case of the grumpies, compliments of me. I’m sorry Iowa inhabitants, but though I’ve forgotten the rolling hills for 300 miles of straight I-80 travel, I haven’t forgotten that it is always sunny, hot, congested with semis blowing us off the road. I get a case of nausea in those conditions, so I wasn’t happy the first half of the day. I … Continue reading


DAY ONE IL TO MT: West Lake Park Campground, Davenport, Iowa

Well we are finally off and made it to our destination at West Lake Park Campground in Davenport, Iowa. What a day! The pets haven’t moved since we turned on the a/c and let them in the 5th wheel around 4pm central time. Leading up to our hitting the road today, we did have a really nice time with our old friends on Memorial Day. Rebecca brought us a “little housewarming gift” which she won at an auction…a gigantic teddy bear skin rug! So huge it is now our bedspread decor…and just GUESS who decided to break it in that night? Well, just look at the pic…but I’m SURE you can guess, given our cat is a freak!   So yesterday was take down day…getting geared up to go. Slept like hell so a little fuzzy this morning, but now I’m more adrenaline filled from recognizing we did, indeed, cross … Continue reading

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RV Blog Update – Saying Goodbye To Illinois – Finally Going Home…

We are happy to announce on our rv blog that we are finally planning to head home to Montana – woot! But before we depart, we must update you on the highlights of our stay at the Prairie Pines Campground in Rantoul, Illinois. We arrived here on May 1, expecting to stay 3 weeks and then take off. Our plans changed when we realized, however, that being on the road over Memorial Day weekend was probably not a great idea and we’d struggle finding places to stay, so we decided to stay here through the 28th, given we’d paid for the whole month anyway. We had to get a lot of prep work done on our truck and 5th wheel anyway before embarking on the 1,851 mile drive – plus we got in a few extra visits with Cheyenne, so it worked out for the best. This rv park sure … Continue reading