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So, RV Gonna Dodge The Flu? Oscillococcinum Reviews

Oscillococcinum reviews and personal review from people we trust to “tell it like it is” have convinced these rvers to add it to the motorhome medicine cabinet. We’ve already talked openly on our blog that we are pro alternative medicine all the way and have many immune boosters in house already to get us “through the flu” season (yes, I’m a poet…). We aren’t into flu vaccines and one quick search of the dangers of Tamiflu (like many pharmaceuticals) is enough to keep us on course with keeping our immune systems strong on our own…which has worked well for us all of these years without colds and flus. But with people apparently dropping like flies (not literally) with the bad influenza outbreak this year, we decided we wanted even more. I know you all have been there and can envision this thought process…our rvs are like little healthy “capsules” keeping … Continue reading


RV Living Tips – How To Get Cheap Or Free Dentist Treatment

Taking care of your health on the road can be a challenge, especially when you are living the frugal life. Dental health is sometimes even more of a problem, because it’s easy enough to let it slide and put it off until tomorrow. But I remember when we had dental coverage, and we tended to do the same thing, mostly because it was such a hassle to find a dentist taking new patients, figuring out what the copay was going to be and if you could afford it right now, and then going through with it. Let’s face it, most of us would prefer to avoid the teeth doctors, and with all the complications of dental insurance coverage, it’s no wonder that it’s relatively underused compared to medical insurance. Horse Herbert … Buy This at But as the economic slide in a downhill direction continues and people look for … Continue reading

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PART 2 – Alternative Medicine Versus Conventional Medicine

Well one would think that the last post on alternative medicine vs conventional medicine said enough, given its painful length…but were we wrong! Yes…I have warned our readers that once you get me talking about holistic medicine, you better get comfy and sit back – let your dog out first – because it goes on and on. Cannot help it. When you have a dozen years of studying, learning, living and breathing this (plus trying it out on your own body), it is very difficult to squeeze it into one post! Anyway, we received a comment on our last post from Dave (see his Flip Flop Vector Blog! ). He was asking if we could offer guidance as to where to find an alternative medicine doctor, given many rvers aren’t in one place too long. We will definitely share some info in this post, to help out, but you need … Continue reading


Why I Choose Alternative Medicine Vs Conventional Medicine

Alternative medicine vs conventional medicine – people can get really, really ugly when “debating” this topic (if debating is shouting so loudly at one another that no one hears what anyone is saying). Guess I’m the type to let everyone have at it in the playground, while I walk away recognizing that all that matters is following the path I’ve chosen – and knowing my decisions are based on research and personal experience…not because someone else is telling me to believe this or that. Our health is and should always be a personal journey, where we are in control of our bodies. Ok…how’s that for an intro? I’ve said before that there are times when I am grateful for aspects of conventional medicine – that there are benefits to both under different circumstances. But for normal ailments, I always go the route of alternative…always. So here is a very, very … Continue reading


RV Blog Of The Month For June – The Good Luck Duck!!

We received a great comment on a recent blog post from a couple of RVers who share our views on healthcare – and much more. As always happens when we meet another frugal rver, we meandered on over to their site and immediately felt at “home.” Their site, The Good Luck Duck, is so refreshing and full of links to scores of things those living on the cheap in an rv need to know. As it turns out, we do have so much in common – we all love cats, we all want to live a simpler, more focused life, we all have issues that seem to follow us around in our new lives (family? friends?) and we all live in old Fleetwood Bounder motor homes. Ours is named Joey, theirs is called the Good Luck Duck.  Why do we name inanimate objects? To make them more human, of course, and … Continue reading


How To Live Without Health Insurance In Your RV Lifestyle

Wondering how to live without health insurance in your rv lifestyle? Oh boy….Ok folks, this post is long overdue and is on everyone’s mind when deciding to take the plunge into rving without a financial safety net. Now I can tell you that I could probably write on this subject for the next 8 days, but you wouldn’t want to read a post that long, would you? I could also give out our phone number…but that would be a little overwhelming for me at this point in time. So here it goes…….. Let me start at the beginning…this is ONE POST in a series of many posts to come about health insurance in the rving lifestyle. Think of it as a research paper that you are only receiving the first few pages of. What this means is that we will gladly reply to comments that are questions…but not get into … Continue reading


Cheap Prescriptions – The Walmart $4 List – Find Your Rx And Save Big!

We are on a mission to gather any tips we can on our cheap rving blog, to give you ideas on how to be frugal where health care is concerned. One such tip is how to save money on basic prescriptions, for you or your pets (hint one: ask your vet to write prescriptions to be filled at your pharmacy! If they won’t, find another vet…). Medication Posters by prawny Buy custom poster online at Zazzle. Fortunately, we rarely have need for prescriptions – we are usually successful treating infections with “natural antibiotics” like garlic, maitake mushroom or oregano oil. Having allergies to many antibiotics (or finding myself sicker after taking them) this was a necessary switch for us. That said, there are times when an rx will be necessary. ***oh, oh…hint two: the key to cheap rv life is to be prepared for the “will be” part, not to … Continue reading

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