So, RV Gonna Dodge The Flu? Oscillococcinum Reviews

Oscillococcinum reviews and personal review from people we trust to “tell it like it is” have convinced these rvers to add it to the motorhome medicine cabinet. We’ve already talked openly on our blog that we are pro alternative medicine all the way and have many immune boosters in house already to get us “through the flu” season (yes, I’m a poet…).

We aren’t into flu vaccines and one quick search of the dangers of Tamiflu (like many pharmaceuticals) is enough to keep us on course with keeping our immune systems strong on our own…which has worked well for us all of these years without colds and flus. But with people apparently dropping like flies (not literally) with the bad influenza outbreak this year, we decided we wanted even more.

I know you all have been there and can envision this thought process…our rvs are like little healthy “capsules” keeping us safe from the snot, airborne sneezes and virus laden goo we envision that covers every inch of surface area outside our door. With the outbreak hysteria, I don’t even want to touch my mail most days (who knows if the mail carrier is hacking on my packaging…there’s that poetry again).

But we need supplies…and unless we go to town in hazmat suits, we are going to get exposed. Last week it was the person two people back in the checkout line who literally, bless his heart, could not catch air from coughing so hard. Yesterday it was the “helpful” employee at the store who was sneezing over and over…and had that “look.” I find myself running away and holding my breath, picturing her invisible sneeze particles chasing me out the door.

So why oscillococcinum? I was initially happy to hear that it has been used for 65 years in France in addition to being currently used in 50 countries. But that wasn’t enough convincing for me. To be truthful, I’ve never been one to buy anything that “zaps” something…like a megadose of Vitamin C, etc. I just take my prevention route like garlic, maitake, wild oil of oregano and dandelion root and hope it can fight a virus (we’ve caught nothing in years). But again, being a skeptic, I read and read the reviews first. I listened and asked people who’ve used it who say unanimously it really made a difference…not just for the flu, but for common colds and other catchy bugs like that. All of these things combined led me to the decision to order it.

The oscillococcinum directions are simple, open the tube and dissolve pellets on your tongue 3 times per day at first sign of cold or flu OR when you’ve been in a germy environment and want the protection. Some state they take one vial a week to boost their immune system during the winter. We decided to be guinea pigs and each take one this morning. The pellets are almost sweet and dissolve on the tongue. It can be given to anyone over two years of age, according to the package.

A few things you should know before making your decision – the ingredient is from Muscovy duck liver and heart which may be offensive to some people. Also, there is a class action lawsuit in the good old US of A saying it is nothing more than a sugar pill and rounding up people to sue for claiming to cure flu, etc. To each his own, of course – just wanted to be forthcoming with the information. Plenty of lawsuits against Big Pharma, I will so eloquently add here. Can only say that we’ve dodged colds and flu without vaccines, just by keeping our immune systems strong…preferring the prevention route of alternative medicine vs. the treat the symptoms route of Big Pharma. So find some oscillococcinum coupons, choose the dose size for your budget and best to just decide for yourself! Here’s to a healthy 2013!

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7 Responses to So, RV Gonna Dodge The Flu? Oscillococcinum Reviews

  1. cozygirl says:

    Well I don’t have a list … I used to have the complete plastic case from when I took a course on homeopathy. So much of it got old, I tossed it, especially since I’m cleaning out anyway to hit the road. The only other one I have on hand is hypericum for puncture wounds, take often when I visit the dentist. Oh and I have used ColdCalm for sinus on occasion. Usually I wait until a new symptoms and then go look for the right remedy…but all this is a good reminder I bet get a nice stash on hand for my RV travel and the other First Aid items :O)

  2. cozygirl says:

    Actually you can get it at Walgreens which blows my mind…happy to see they carry some Boiron remedies. Since I’m in central IL currently until we take off, MariMann Herb Co in Decatur is my choice or Strawberry Field’s in Urbana. Another favorite is Arnica…for when you overdue it, bruising, etc. And I love calendula (natural antibotic) for cuts, toenails, etc. Don’t you just love dumping that tiny container of oscilloccinum under you tongue…cool beans! Thanks for posting alternatives…can’t beat it! cozygirl

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      Thanks for sharing all of this, cozygirl!

      Have used Arnica on sore muscles, stiff neck…it is amazing and feels so good rubbed into the skin when you are aching. Have never tried calendula…will have to keep that in mind!

      I’ve been to your blog before, but do you know offhand if you have a post of your “homeopathic medicine cabinet?” Have you done a post such as that? If so, I would love to link to your blog to share what other remedies people are using (that goes for anyone reading this post who has a “list” to share!).

      Take care, cozygirl!

  3. We pack this stuff, although I didn’t know a DUCK died for my viral sins! Not glad to hear that. I can neNer figure out how to say it, and so we call it Ossa-Lossa-Nossa-Num.

    Well, better to find out it did nothing than to find out it causes heart attacks, depression, suicidal thoughts, impotence, liver failure, kidney stones, gout, anal leakage, maple syrup urine, or insomnia. Ask your doctor if Big Pharma is right for you.

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      Oh Duck,

      We thought of you and worried your feathers would get ruffled upon hearing the ingredients. But you’re safe, duck – willing to bet you won’t end up in a vial, in a box.

      We couldn’t pronounce the name, either – but rest assured that “ossa-lossa-nossa-num” is forever etched into our brains. THAT we now have zero trouble recalling when trying to say the name out loud. Sounds similar to the sounds cookie monster would make when eating a plate of cookies.

  4. cozygirl says:

    Used this many a time…love homeopathy! Heal the whole soul! This works!!

    • Cheap RV Living says:

      So good to hear from you! Thanks for sharing your success with this. That is the message I am getting from EVERYONE! So far the cheapest I found the 30 dose size was Vitacost (and I had a promo code). Have you found it elsewhere, if you don’t mind sharing, so we can let people know? Take care and stay healthy, inside and out!